Triumph Tiger 1200 Debuts with Overhaul


Today is a happy day, because Triumph Motorcycles will finally stop teasing the new Triumph Tiger 1200 range for 2022. The British brand has been showing us teasers of its prototype for this bike for some time and even brings it to a variety of fairs, but now we have the real thing. In a way, you can see why Triumph was so needy in its attention for the Tiger 1200, because the three-cylinder Adventure Tourer for the 2022 model year is undergoing a massive redesign, which includes more power, less weight and superior technology.

The first major changes are the updated 1,160 cm3 three-cylinder engine, which offers a power increase of about 10 hp for a peak power of 148 HP (110 kW), with a maximum torque of 130 Nm (95 lb• ft) at 7,000 rpm. The use of a shaft drive continues, but Triumph used the powertrain as an integral part of the swingarm to lose weight. As a result, Triumph says that 50 pounds have been cut from the Tiger 1200 (mainly from the chassis), and as such, the lowest weight indicated for the five-bike range is 529 wet pounds.

Speaking of the five-bike range, the three “GT” models are equipped with cast-iron wheels with a 19-inch front tire, while the two “Rally” bikes have tubeless spoke wheels with a 21-inch front wheel (you get more travel too). All bikes have a rear wheel size of 18″. The “Explorer” trim level, available for GT and Rally motorcycles, takes the standard 4.28-gallon tank and brings it up to a whopping 7.92 gallons.

All five motorcycles also have a semi-active Showa suspension, which is a fairly important feature, as the range starts at $19,100 MSRP–a significantly affordable price for electronic suspension in the Premium category. The Brembo Stylema calipers are equipped with double 320 mm front brake discs.

Like BMW, Ducati and KTM, Triumph has a rear radar on its Explorer fairing for the Tiger 1200, which offers Bling-Spot monitoring and a voice change assistant. There is no adaptive cruise control. Of course, there is the usual Electronic Kit, which includes traction control, ABS, five driving modes and various landing gear settings. Triumph does not call IMU or ABS curved in its materials, which is remarkable when it is really lacking.

All this comes with a three-year warranty and a 10,000 maintenance interval, which many drivers should take note of. In the end, this is the Triumph Tiger 2022 1200 – because the British motorcycle has long been the unnoticed offer due to its uncompetitive technical sheet. After investing a little time in the range, Hinckley is back on a par with the competition.

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