Stark VARG Electric Dirt Bike Debuts


Stark Future is the recent manufacturer of electric two-wheelers on the market and presents its electric Dirtbike, the Stark VARG. Although Stark’s electric Motocross machine is a new outfit, it offers impressive statistics from the start with a claimed power of 80 horsepower and a ready-to-ride weight of 242 pounds.

Perhaps most importantly, the Stark VARG looks like a serious Dirtbike-electric or otherwise. However, to mitigate some expectations, Stark does not specify whether this power figure is a peak or continuous power, nor whether your 6 kWh battery uses a nominal power or a theoretical nominal power.

Stark, however, boasts that the VARG is the most powerful Dirtbike on the market, and if you put one in your Garage, it will cost for the 60 Version for the 80 model.

For this part, you get Brembo brakes, KYB suspensions at the front and rear, with a travel of 310 mm and springs corresponding to your weight, an 18″ or 19″ rear wheel of your choice and a manual or foot-operated rear brake. A booth will cost you more.

Stark also announces that the VARG has 100 throttle cards, which can cause the VARG to behave anywhere between a 125cc to 450cc Dirtbike, two-stroke or four-stroke. It seems more of a gimmick to us, but the rest of the bike looks very promising.

Considering that a KTM 450 SX-F  the Stark VARG prices for an electric motorcycle with these specifications seem quite reasonable. However, we will be more impressed when we see the motorcycles rolling the doors of the dealerships, with a price and real use that match or exceed their gasoline counterparts.

Nevertheless, the Stark VARG seems to continue where the Alta RedShift MXR Electric Dirtbike left off, which is certainly a good thing. From Spain, it is not clear when we can expect Stark dealers in the United States, but the Stark website lists deliveries for the beginning of 2023.

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