Many Photos of Ducati Panigale V4 Superbike


In matter you missed our “Gone Riding” preview of the Ducati Panigale v4 S 2022, we are currently in Spain to prepare to swing a leg on the new Italian superbike (we ride Thursday). To help us prepare for the event and start our climb to the Circuito de Jerez with more than 200 hp of rage, I thought it would be better to upload these high-resolution photos of the machine (our original article about the motorcycle was also not-found in this regard).

As an upgrade of an already powerful machine, the Ducati Panigale v4 S 2022 offers more power, but more importantly, more features that help the driver to take advantage of all this power. As such, the European specification of the Panigale V4 S produces a fixed power of 213 hp when fully cooked, while the machines arriving in the United States produce a peak power of 207 hp.

The torque curves between the two machines are also quite different, with the European bike weighing 91.2 pounds•ft at 9,500 rpm, while the American bike weighs 90.6 pounds•ft at 11,000 rpm. But perhaps the most important changes concern the ergonomics of the motorcycle, which includes a refined electronic set. In addition, great attention was paid to the cockpit of the pilot and the way the machine is touched and mounted.

The tank and seat have been removed to provide better grip and feedback, especially when braking, and the dashboard has been designed to make the electronic configuration more intuitive and easier to read at high speeds. The aerodynamics of the Ducati Panigale V4 have also been massaged for the 2022 model year, with a new wing design that produces the same contact force as before (30 kg at 270 km / h), but with less resistance.

We can also see how Ducati plays with the wind tunnel with its bellows design that draws more air through the radiator and pulls it out through the sides and the bottom of the lower fairing.

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