Bimota ADV Bike with Hub Center Steering


The Bimota workshop in Rimini is working hard. The Italian brand presented two new motorcycles at this year’s EICMA, the KB4 and the KB4 RC, both based on the Ninja 1000 four-cylinder platform.

However, it is the madness of the Bimota Tesi H2 that brings the Italian brand back on the map, supported by the 228 supercharged horses of the machine, stuck in the central steering frame of the hub with an avant-garde carbon fiber body.

Now Bimota will continue this management madness with another “Tesi” model, this time focused on the adventure / Touring segment. Pierluigi Marconi, CEO of Bimota, spoke with MCN at EICMA and hinted that the Italian brand has big plans for a range of Tesi motorcycles that, over time, will expand to several categories beyond sports motorcycles.

Of course, Bimota will continue to build more conventional motorcycle models, but it seems that the Boutique brand is trying to use its most iconic machine as the main branch of the company’s pedigree.

As such, Marconi says he can expect to see an adventure sports motorcycle, similar to the Ducati Multistrada, which will debut in a few years. The bike develops 197 hp thanks to the supercharged 998 cc engine that it shares with the Kawasaki H2 SX.

The central hub steering frame will be a unique offer for the space, and something that Bimota hopes will help to stand out from the rest of the market – as if the almost 200 horsepower engine were not enough.

The Italian brand could be on to something here, as it is not the only European manufacturer with a fun front-end ADV in the books and an adventure/sports touring bike could fit well into the Bimota range and correspond well to current market tastes. If Marconi and his team can offer the luxury experience associated with the Bimota price tag while offering something that seems highly technological and superlative on the technical sheet, it could be a real winner for the team.

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